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The event planner or coordinator takes care of all the logistics and details of the day whereas the venue takes care of the facility. If you don’t have the budget for a full planner, consider a day-of-event coordinator to take care of carrying out your plans and vision. Sometimes the venue will require the use of an event coordinator in order to use their space and this really helps you to enjoy the event and not worry about all of the details that go into making things run smoothly.

An event planner handles all of the logistics of the event, whereas a day-of-event coordinator picks up where you left off with planning, ensuring that everything is set up according to plan. A venue coordinator handles their side of the venue space; the things that the venue needs to provide such as food, tables and linens. Centerpieces, favors, and other such items are additional and would need to be handled by the client or planner.

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